You can Choose One Taka Fund for donating your Zakat Fund to make someone Self Dependent

Thursday, November 30, 2017

We are Helping not Donating anyone

This post is for your Clarification.

You are donating us(One Taka Fund) for not getting any benefits for yourself.

We are combining your Donation & Helping others.

Donation & Help is not same meaning.

We are helping others not donating anyone.

Our motive is to Help someone to Lift up for self dependence.

For example: Someone who is not beggar & hesitate to seek help financially but they are able to work for income. Main problem of this person is Capital/Money for investment.  We just give him/her that small amount capital/money for his business/income source. But he/she will refund our money after a certain period of time.

Let we lend him/her 10000tk for his business. He/she is able to income 200/250tk per day. So he/she will refund 40/50tk per day to One Taka Fund untill it is 10000tk. After that he/she is the owner of that 10000tk & will not give us any taka.

But with that 10000tk we can Help another needy person to lift up .

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