You can Choose One Taka Fund for donating your Zakat Fund to make someone Self Dependent

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Great News for One Taka Fund

Four Members of One Taka Fund declared that they will continue their donation to One Taka Fund . 

Donor # Name  Donated For
98th Mahmudul Hasan Sohan 12Months
232nd Babar Md. Khalid Akbar  12Months
235th Ashraf Hasan 12Months
240th Rahnuma Tarannum 18Months

Our Policy was to collect donation from members just for 6months/180days (daily one taka). But they want to continue their donation to One Taka Fund for Helping others.

We are Thankful to all of them for their Trust in One Taka Fund to help others.