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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nibir Hossain Sajib is our New Influential Donor

We are Happy to inform you that Nibir Hossain Sajib is our New Influential Donor.

He is the 180th Donor of One Taka Fund.

He motivated 15 Donors (as well as 21 Members) to Join One Taka Fund to Help others.

1 Salma Akther Rupa
2 Md. Bashir Uddin Khan
3 Shamsun Naher Juena
4 Adiba Khan
5 Dr. Nidhu Lal Banik
6 Ratna Biswas
7 Muhaiminur Rahman
8 Tamanna Farha Rishta
9 KM Asaduzzaman Jewel
10 Farzana Rahman
11 Afif Khan
12 Iqbal Nazir Sumon
13 Touhid Ul Islam

Another Two Donors are not willing to publish their names.

Special Thanks to Nibir Hossain Sajib for being our Influential Donor.