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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mrinal,Jolly and Joyee joined us to help others

We are Thankful & Grateful to Mrinal Chandra Sarker, Jolly Talukder and Arundhati Sarker Joyee for joining One Taka Fund to help others.

It is also noted that they donated for 22 Members. 

Mrinal Donated for 10Members hence his donor type is DF10.

Jolly & Joyee donated for 6Members and so their donor type is DF06.

Mrinal, Jolly and Joyee are our 286th, 287th and 288th donor respectively. 

For their joining, Total members of Onetakafund is now 1031 and Total fund is 181167tk till today.

Here is our honorable donor list

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